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Good news everyone

The Appleseed-shoot-neglecting, can’t-afford-ammo, no-new-guns-for-me stretch of life in the GG household seems to be soon coming to an end. GB got a job!!! A good one too with a nice pay rate and health insurance. I’m proud of my honey. Final exams are tomorrow. Between being done with summer semester and having two stable incomes […]

No More League of Lethal Ladies

I received an email from Jenny Teague of the League of Lethal Ladies letting me know that the league has died. The email included a lot of useful information, so I’m posting it here for you all to see. I only went to one LLL after work shooting event, but I had a lot of […]

2011 Nevada 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Training & Certification

The 2011 Nevada 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Training & Certification Spring Class is coming up! It will be held April 8th and 9th in Gardnerville, Nevada. If you’re local to Nevada, love shooting sports, are a responsible gun enthusiast and want to share your enthusiam and good, safe example of gun useage with youth in your […]

Appleseed Memories

Tonight, I’m stressing out about final exams, presentations and papers due. One of my economics papers is on ammunition supply, demand and the business cycle. Thinking of ammo, and wishing school wasn’t such a time-sucker in my life right now and that I could focus on more things ammo related, lead me down a reminiscent […]

FREE Gun eBooks!!

The Rifleman posted over on his blog that Google offers several eBooks about guns for free. The books range from how-tos  to military guides and NRA reports. They’re all older books; that’s why they’re free. To check out the list that The Rifleman compiled, go to his blog. I spend a delicious morning downloading all […]

AAR: Sunday October 31st Gardnerville Appleseed

It’s better late than never… right? I got a bit behind on the internet world, but I’m trying to catch up so here goes! Sunday I got  out the door to drive down to Gardnerville a little more smoothly. I felt more confident about the drive too and I arrived there before the 8:30 a.m. commencement of […]

Guns, gender and titles: Is it Marksman or Markswoman? Rifleman or Riflewoman?

Dan Hall, founder of GunUp.com emailed me and asked me a question that’s got my head spinning. He asked how do female shooters feel about being called Marksmen. I don’t know. I’ve never thought of it before. (Maybe that’s my answer?) I’ve been so busy learning how to use a sling on my rifle, how […]

GG may or may not have an evil twin

On Twitter today, I noticed someone Tweeting about her new article: Hairstyles for the Gun Range. It’s similar to my Shooting Range Hairstyles article that I published as a page and as a blog entry back in October and about which NRA News interviewed me. The article is even signed with my initials: GG! It […]

Trunk or Treat Shooting Booth After Action Report

Saturday night after Appleseed, I flew into my driveway, ran to the house and got cracking! I showered, costumed and gathered up shooting booth supplies. GB drove us to the church building while I brushed my hair– haha. We arrived just in time. I began setting up my booth in earnest while everyone mingled (See […]