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Gardnerville, NV Appleseed Shoot: Saturday After Action Report

Six a.m. came early on Saturday. I rolled out of bed, showered, dressed and threw the gear in the car that I kept inside overnight: my lunch and the rifles. After programming the Gardnerville DAR (dedicated Appleseed range) into my phone and reviewing the directions, I was all set to go! I was a bit […]

Choosing someone to teach you to shoot

Learning to shoot is a fun experience. But like all things learned, how much you learn and how much fun you have while doing it can be influenced by the caliber of person doing the instructing.The personĀ  you select to teach you to shoot should be willing to, enthusiastic about and qualified to teach you. […]

Female Shooter Gallagher Wins National Championships

A female shooter, Sargent Sherri Jo Gallagher won the high-power competition at the National Championships in Camp Perry, Ohio. In doing so, she became only the second woman ever to win this competition. The first was her mom. She was also the first military competitor to win since the late 80s and set a new […]

Gospel and Guns

On Sunday after the final event of the Gun Blogger Rendezvous (Cowboy Fast Draw), I jumped in the car and sped home. Racing into the house, I flung range clothes and gear everywhere, washed up and thew on church clothes. Grabbing my Primary bag, I breathlessly kissed GB goodbye and drove towards the church meetinghouse. […]

Look at me!

On Sunday after church, GB and I went to the home of a couple in our ward to take a gospel class from them. After the class was over, we sat outside on their patio and chatted. The male instructor commented how he didn’t see me at Sacrament meeting today and how he had presumed […]

Gun Blogger Rendezvous: September 12th, 2010

I almost didn’t attend the Gun Blogger Rendezvous on Sunday. I’m Mormon. To attend the Rendezvous would require me to shop on Sunday by patronizing the breakfast restaurant and the range and Mormons try really hard not to shop on Sunday but to instead spend it at church and with family and friends. Additionally, I […]