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Give me Some Tactical Action!

My 24-7 Series Lightweight Tactical Pants should make ________ easy and comfortable. (performance) Concealed carry: Concealed carry is super-awesome in these pants!!! In fact, that might not be enough exclammation points. Here’s some more: !!! The reasons why concealed carry works so well with these pants is that the 24-7 Series Lightweight Tactical Pants from TacticalPants.com are […]

How to evaluate Tactical Pants

So, as you all know, TacticalPants.com sent me a pair of their tactical pants to try out and review. I wore these pants everywhere… work, church, school, holiday shopping (it’s a jungle out there), wedding shopping (tactical pants make Bridezilla even more formidable, the range, while concealed carrying, while open carrying, around the house and […]

Tactical Pants

TacticalPants.com allowed me to pick any pair of tactical pants off of their website for FREE. How exciting! And at first it was. Their website had plenty of choices… different inseams: finished or unfinished; different rises: higher or lower; even different fits: loose throughout or more formfitting. Plus, the female staff of the site had […]